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fuck coeds and get sexy selfies in your inbox

Even though I had been using his sites for two decades I had no idea of who allan henning was up until a few months ago. As it turns out he is the guy that had been signing my affiliate checks for years. If his signature wasn’t so fucked up maybe I would have knew who he was sooner. I sell dating and webcam memberships through his dating affiliate program dating gold. But anyhow, he can help you make a lot of money as well. I will show you some of my best methods and then you can get checks with his name on them.

One of my favorite methods for selling dating is to set up several blogs on free hosting platforms. Keep in mind that some allow nudity and some don’t. Always follow their rules or they will just shut you down and delete all of your hard work. Google for free adult blogs and then "free blogs" without the word adult to find some. After making those link them using Jetpack plugin by WordPress to auto post updates to Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and Tumblr accounts. You can develop a huge following of people looking for sexy selfies that end up signing up for dating under your links. Work hard and you will be making cash!

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teen professes here love for allan henning when he changes her life

When this lovely girl was growing up she noticed something was different about her. She was born with a defect that cause her vagina to be nothing more than a small indention – not even big enough to fit the head of your cock into. She was devastated. How would she ever live a normal life? No guy would ever want to have sex with her.

She lingered in the shadows her whole life trying not to draw attention to herself. To keep guys at bay she painted fake zits on her face to look unattractive. It worked with the jocks, but the nerdy boys still thought she was hot. Some even speculated her zits weren’t real.

While using her laptop to look up colleges she noticed an ad for hookup sex online where the people could date long distance. She wondered what it was about and was introduced to one of Allan Henning’s greatest inventions for girls with her limitations. Allan had created a purely online dating application so the couples would never meet in person. Now she could have sexual relations online with guys without them wondering why their dicks wouldn’t fit inside her vagina!

Thanks, Allan. You saved her life!

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