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Posted By admin on 01/20/14 - Bookmark Tiny Becky
Sharalotta Peluchi sucking two cocks at once Jenna Lovely pigtail cutie pie

After getting out of the service I needed something to remind me of all of the Midwestern girls I had met while stationed throughout Nebraska, Kentucky and Tennessee. I got in and out before the Iraq war. Instead of dealing with PST I was dealing with the lack of hot young babes wanting to fuck a man in uniform.

A site like Fyre TV would have really helped a guy in my position. With DVDs like Young and Craving Cum 7 playable on demand I am pretty sure I would have saved a ton of money. Instead I used to mail order porn DVDs from the back of porn magazines. I must have spent upwards of $120 on porn a month. Instead I could have used that money to get an entire years worth of access to the entire Pink Visual catalog of porn. Fuck me.

Well, now I have three different porn catalogs I can stream any movie I want to from. I can even do it to my HDTV. My neighbors love it because I always forget to close the blinds or I forget that the sound is up loud enough to rattle every window on the block. oops!

If you have a thing for super cute teens like Jenna Lovely give this site a try!

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Posted By admin on 07/25/13 - Bookmark Tiny Becky

Young And Cravin' Cum 7 - Pink Visual

I wish I could go back to high school. I would do it all so different than I did it the first time. Back then I was way too much of a gentleman. One night I had a chance to pull a train on a bitch with two other guys, but I balked. Now that bitch is so fucking hot and I can’t say that I fucked her slutty ass with two other guys filling her other holes. I am such a douche.

To get over my shortcomings I use FyreTV’s streaming porn service. With it I can access the entire Pink Visual library of porn for just $8.00 a month. That is an unheard of price for this kind of access. Their own Pink Visual website doesn’t even offer this low of a price. Not to mention it also won’t stream porn to my TV like FyreTV does.

You don’t need any funky gadgets you don’t already have to use the service. A Boxee, Apple TV, Roku or any other brand of set top box will do. If it can work with Netflix the chances are it can work with this service too.

Right now I am about to stream Young And Cravin’ Cum 7 to my HDTV in the bedroom. It works on my living room TV as well. If you don’t have a set top box yet you can use their Fyre BoXXX to use the service.

Anyhow, take a look at see what you’ve been missing. Peace out!

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