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Posted By Trendy on 12/25/22 - Bookmark Tiny Becky

Have you ever met a guy who gets off on being told what to do? I have. He’s me! I wouldn’t mind having a gorgeous woman giving me precise directions all day long. Well, at least as long as she makes me cum for her at some point (or multiple points).

Hey, call me a “submissive” if you want but I’m just honest about how the sensation of giving up control and letting someone else run things will make me cum like a wild racehorse every fucking time. That’s why I’m so into sites like JOI Babes.

Do I know how to jack off? Yes, indeed I do. But I still love being told what to do, step by step. Someone else can be in charge of things and let me just lay back and enjoy the freedom of making zero choices for once. Also, the models on this site are ridiculously hot and I’m so close to cumming in the first 20 seconds or so of each video session. Check it out and save 34% with a JOI Babes discount!

Posted By Admin on 12/18/22 - Bookmark Tiny Becky

When I have some free time and am looking to expand my spank bank, I always start with PaidPornGuide.com. This site is a database of porn that has introduced me to the hottest content I’ve ever had the pleasure of jerking off to.

What I really like about this site is that they are always honest in their reviews. It gives you a nice description and a visual of what the site looks like, usually depicting their landing page. This gives you at-a-glance depictions of what you’re going to be getting into. You’re also usually given some stats and pros and cons, so there are no surprises. Except for the sexy kind that you get when you hit play and are completely blown away.

That’s how I felt when I first saw Freeuse Fantasy porn. This is the ultimate fantasy in my opinion. Having women who let you use them as a sex toy and they never say no. No matter what they’re doing or how busy they are, that ass is yours for the taking. There is nothing better!

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